What is the Architectural Contractors Trade Association
of Michigan?

Detroit Opera HouseThe Architectural Contractors Trade Association (ACT) is a trade association of union contractors and suppliers representing those companies having an interest in Acoustic Systems, Carpentry, Demountable Partitions, Drywall Systems, Exterior Insulation, Fireproofing, Flooring Systems, Insulation, Lathing, Plastering, Texturing and Allied fields. The Association promotes the industry through education, communication, subcontractor participation and member socialization.

NordstromsIt has alliances with the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industries-International (AWCI) and the Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association (FCICA).

The Association functions as the collective bargaining agent in matters concerning the negotiation of wages, hours and working conditions within the building and construction trade unions.


IAF Contributions

The Architectural Contractors Industry Advancement Fund (IAF) was established to promote, publicize and advance the interests of the construction industry. It is funded by contributions from union contractors as negotiated in collective bargaining agreements. Industry advancement through education, trade promotion and safety awareness programs are a just few of the projects funded by the IAF. Education of both students and counselors at the secondary school level about the opportunities available in the skilled trades is being accomplished through the use of informational materials and participation in career education programs in various school systems. A Manufacturer’s Trade Expo is organized each year with the assistance of IAF monies. During the Expo, associate members, those who supply goods and services to the industry, have an opportunity to display their products and services to the architectural construction community and the industry at large. IAF funding and resources were used to produce a video presentation geared to school age children to promote a greater awareness of the construction industry and construction site safety. A safety video for initial employee training was also produced in English and Spanish.

INTEX Achievement Awards
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INTEX AwardThe INTEX Achievement Award for Interior and Exterior Excellence was established to promote excellence in the architectural trade industry, which includes Carpentry, Wall & Ceiling, EIFS and Resilient floor contractors. The award honors “top of the line” construction projects exhibiting quality workmanship. Awards are given on the basis of merit in four major categories: quality of workmanship, complexity of the job, architectural design and diversity of the trades involved in bringing a chosen project to completion. Nominations are submitted by suppliers, contractors or others involved in the construction process. After point scores are totaled, an average score is tallied for each project. The projects receiving the highest point scores then become the finalists. The process is kept impartial by having the final judging completed by an independent panel of architects. All finalists are honored at the awards ceremony where the winner is chosen from the finalists by these judges.

Henry Ford Medical CenterThe INTEX Achievement Award include those who supply, sell and contract with the building trades. This award, which has been given since 1995, has recognized the excellence in building and workmanship for such projects as the Henry Ford Medical Center, African American Museum, Detroit Opera House, Genesee Regional Medical Center, Greektown Temporary Casino, E & L Meats, and Pinckney Senior High School. Satisfaction and pride in a job well done, along with attention to detail and adherence to scheduling constraints, are recognized by the INTEX Achievement Award.

African American MuseumThe INTEX Achievement Award gives the industry and the public the opportunity to see the result of quality workmanship and high standards in the architectural trades. The INTEX Achievement Award endeavors to make the public aware of how important the union building trades are and the impact they have on the industry as a whole. This award provides contractors with a vehicle for recognition and pride for industry excellence.
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Outside Industry Committee Involvement

The Architectural Contractors Trade Association is actively involved with the construction Industry through its participation in other related committees and by its trustee positions as listed herein.

  • Opera HouseCarpenters Annuity Fund
  • Carpenters Employee Benefit Fund
  • Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship Committee
  • Carpenters Joint Delinquency Committee
  • Carpenters Labor Management
    Productivity & Training Committee
  • Construction Coalition of Michigan
  • Detroit Works Partnership Board of Directors
  • Great Lakes Construction Alliance
  • Great Lakes Construction Alliance Board of Directors
  • Industry Advancement Fund Trustees
  • Interior Systems (Resilient Floor) Trustees
  • Joint Education Partnership
  • Labor Negotiation Committees
  • Michigan Construction Roundtable
  • MUST Steering Committee
  • Plasterers Apprentice Fund Trustees
  • Plasterers Pension Fund Trustees
  • Plasterers Vacation Fund Trustee
  • Tapers Joint Apprenticeship Committee
  • Tile Marble & Terrazzo Health & Welfare Fund
  • Workforce Development Committee

Membership in the Association can provide a networking opportunity and aid in fostering cooperative relationships and joint venture arrangements between members that are mutually beneficial and profitable.

Committees within ACT include Education, Entertainment, Membership, Promotion, and Safety.


2524 Harte Drive
Brighton, MI 48114
(810) 225-3327
e-mail: info@actmich.org

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